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in the sputum does not bear any constant relation to the severity of the attack.

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and prairie, and develop more slowly, building up the bone

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The tabetic symptoms were first noticed a year Iwfore I saw hnn

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The red vomit of Cunisset is simply gastric lisemorrhage ; in this case

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by the proximity of the wound to the ciliary region,

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The President requested the Committee on the Hunter Memorial

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Thomson, happens to be so unfortunate as not in all

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inflamed cervix) were not rarely produced by injuiy

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The especial conditions under which, in cases of infection caused by

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[ "Three conditions are essential to a knowledge of auscultation: 1. To understand the

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Stomach. A brief summary of the indications for operation upon

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tration. After separating some adhesions, it was found that the distal half

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{singultus) often accompanies these movements, and is a very graA'e sign.

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cussed, the information given is accurate and reliable, and

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parently be mistaken for diphtheria. Jehle regards the tonsils as the portal

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slit-like opening through the aponeurotic fascia beneath. The

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speak highly of it, and one, who is a Surgeon in the Peninsular and Orien-

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history practically a duplicate of Case i ; genital chancre, un-

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by peritoneal fusion, but in as many as 20 per cent, of

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instruments to supply' as )nany operating teams as tiie capacity of the

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I, " the melancholy conviction that you are a hopelessly doomed

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An interesting report of a well-marked case of catalepsy, which

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atrocia detrimenta adfert; nervi distenduntur, facies obtorquetur;

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from E to 10 E, is identical with the relative increase in rate of diges-

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rational treatment is to delay their absorption and get rid of

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There are a number of ways to finance such programs;

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tion, the 08 uteri was found dilatable and the fundus of the tumor

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action of quinine, are combated with earnestness. Dr. Marsh says

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Needless to say the publication of this paper in the Journal gave