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with delusions of grandeur. Finally, we see cases of patients — and this is the
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U ttrSrtSi,t!i^i S2i?^l2]J™l; ?*W floX'M. xWcli'CMiiiM be sent.
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symptoms be mild, something can be done to relieve them by proper educa-
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counterpart in clinical experience. He contends that Broca's convolution
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confined more or less exclusively to the skin, but in numerous other instances
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tic strong arena ana Havor. Whi!- ir ts Deing cured, yeasts first predominate on tne •
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enter more in detail into these conditions. We wish merely to mention them
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and they wiU be attached for one year to such hospitals as the Surgeon-
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to, but she cannot bring the will to bear on it, and this inability is the real
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intending to pursue at Owen's CoUege, Manchester, their studies for
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which were formerly often used in neuralgia, are at present only rarely pre-
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ministration is in tablets. Of course we must always be prepared for relapses.
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would know that the corresponding word began with C, and would look under
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to the position of the spinal-motor centers. As has been previously stated, in
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of the brain. Sclerosis sometimes simulates cerebral tumor; but here also
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based upon the estabHshment and enforeor^nt of sanitary standards; tne education of
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Prior to inspecting any product, you should become familiar with the
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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetric Medicine^
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three surgical cases. The cases will be so selected as to include one
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Striated muscles of the urethra, the rectum and the
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the activity of the kidneys, benefit gastric catarrh, and overcome constipation,
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Cancer of the vertebra?, as well as caries, leads to pressure paralysis of the
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patches present a diffuse bluish color, merging into greenish or yellowish at
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(3) The third wash water Is usually about 35' to 40' F., or loi«r. toter my
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(4; After tne Duttemil'-' is -•-oved, the butter in the churn is washed to
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atrophy of the muscles appear in the early stages in the legs as well as in
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patient cannot swallow, through involvement of the -muscles of deglutition,
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the normal psychical life on the one side and on the other pass into pronounced
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each leg. For the latter purpose it is most convenient to ask the patient to
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have been used in spastic hemicrania, and subcutaneous injections of ergotin
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per day) an influence upon the development of diabetes. In such cases it
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subject, however, in all oases, to the general laws and discipline of the House ....
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Mechanics. The examinations are conducted in two separate sittings,
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213) shows a patient who was described by Eomberg many years ago, and who
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For further particulars apply to the Resident Surgeon at the
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Quarters, registration is conducted in Bartlett Gymnasium. Students report first at
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3. Reflexes. — The presence or absence of the reflexes may also aid the
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This PQl consists of 53 cuH^t pages Issued as follow^
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as seen by the ophthalmoscope. Often there are noticeable respiratory and
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sionally evident on merely protruding the tongue. It is most noticeable,
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necessary result, secondary degenerations of the motor nerves and mus-
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which otherwise must be passed by aU aspirants to degrees in
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centers do coincide; that there is motor representation behind the fissure of
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not influenced by the electricity, although in idiopathic neuralgias in fresh,
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after Easter, and finishes at the end of Jime or the oommencement oi
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of water or milk, and it is often better borne if given in Vichy or Giesshiibler
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430. Physiology of Reproduction, — A consideration of problems relating to repro-
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sibly, it is not every kind of metal which will proye effective, nor will the same