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The discussions at the Medical Society of London and at the

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in his " Voyages," referring to the South Sea Islanders, says : " We

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Much anxiety is often felt by a surgeon as to whether or not a

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heavy crops under judicious irrigation. It is essentially an upland

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invariably be injected into the muscular tissue, and it is well

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one or other of the extremities. Even though more complete re-

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some cases the cavity contains no fluid, being filled by the neoplasm.

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not to interfere with the animal in travelling. With

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quantity of blood ; from a large horse to the amount of 7 or 8 quarts ;

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animals that at birth are undeveloped, as the dog, cat, sheep,

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caused by it, in each corps, at this and the other stations

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sequence, not a cause of beriberi. It is a well-known fact in Japan that

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he felt annoyed. He could not, like St. Paul, " bear fools gladly."

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502. Rye Batter Cakes — Ingredients — I pt. of rye meal, enough

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"rheumatics." They may leave a transient cutaneous hyperaesthesia.

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-' Bull, ft Mem. de la Soe. de Ther., June 15, lssi.

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that Belladonna rendered children much more susceptible to

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by the certain good wdiich is likely to accrue from such a repre-

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men of the present day, with the like characteristics of

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tion would be paid to the physical condition of the child or its