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of the disease. Intermittent fever Js treated in two stages — 1st, during

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personal experience in more than twenty thousand obstetrical cases. A

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section of theologians who regard the world as a decaying

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more excited; pulse as before. Ordered venesection, §xij.; during

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curved, and have its concavity turned towards the opposing finger,

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thrombosis in one respect, namely, in it also the calibre of the affected vessel

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tem. To fulfil these views, the application of hot bricks to the feet

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sively urgent desire to micturate, while at each successive

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seldom complicated with phlegmasia ; and that the oedema of preg-

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first time presented to the pr festdon of the country.

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the year 35,180 cases of malarial diseases, 28,918 cases of intes-

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material which tends to soften and form cavities. These are not uncommon

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disease is. the tendency which they manifest towards purulent

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twenty-seven infants in Sweden imder 4 years no distinct traces of

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palm — a sUght wound, a sudden bruise, or an excessive strain of the

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atrocia detrimenta adfert; nervi distenduntur, facies obtorquetur;

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All appropriations for child or maternity care should specifically p

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Sec. 6- The President of the Society, or in case of his death, or ab-

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a very small and select class. But this brings us back to the original

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kindness from all around. The white sugar-maker is very sweet in his

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readily cured by the injection alone. Therefore, never put

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was impossible to get it with forcej)S, so I etherized and

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trust, one might call it the residue of former strife, was the most difficult

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elevations can sometimes be felt if the hand is passed over the

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Research, XL., p. 53, 1919). These observers measured the tem-

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ican Veterinary Medical Association in San Francisco to permit

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of an intrathoracic tumor imposes itself of necessity on the mind of

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sions. Nineteen died of cerebral affections, exclusive of con-

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