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passion, love, or even joy, do not tend, except when very excessive, to
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us, then, before we move to an experiment with the bichloride
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man bladder, in the State of Georgia, and — may I not venture
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resisting-powers until he finally acquires quite a notable degree of
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therapy, fully and efficiently developed, will result in a
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Mediche di Bologna, for April, 1857, in which the accident occurred dur-
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33. Cherry JD. Shields WD: Encephalitis and meningoencephalitis. In Feigin
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the erysipelas-like eruption which they may produce. Both ammonio-
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Laennec was the first writer who attempted a classification. Koughly
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valuable series of surgical clinical observations. His
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the aorta. More remarkable still may be the subsultus tendinum of low
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stasis was not observed except when the hand was exposed to lower
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long standing in one or two sittings. The method of
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diminution of a single grain of her usual quantity were most marked, and
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which will stop the progress of locomotor ataxia and
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sick. In ordering diet for convalescence it is not an uncommon error to
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dred and fifty cases of dysentery and thirteen deaths ; a num-
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swelling of the eyelids and oedema of the legs and ankles appeared. He has always
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characters are acquired, not that these characters are
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signs are not rarely of equivocal import, it being impossible to determine
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nephritis of pregnancy. Usually, however, these cases fall into
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country disease" (dysentery) and the "Irish ague" (typhus) and then identified the