Tretinoin Use In Children

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Surgeon-Major W. G. H, Hendeeson, Bombay Establishment, civil
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Oflicials of tliis class are of course fair game to the militant
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its highest pitch, and there was considerable dyspnoea. At
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found to have the disease, and persons exposed to infection are to be
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mittee is Dan Cox. Dr. Cox is also director of medical
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appointed Medical Officer of Health for the Budleigh Saltcrton Urban
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" passage." The bacilli are considered to have attained their
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evident that in many cases the attacks amongst those con-
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is the French equivalent for diarrhwa. The chief professional
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In accordance with the rules of the service, Dr. Ogle's retire-
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Power, John Byrne, M.R.C.P.I., reappointed Medical Officer of Health
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President, was carried unanimously : " That this Society ap-
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with an iron hook the coke which they throw away. They are
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memorandum has now been sent in to tiie Royal Commission
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requiring some amount of surgical treatment, and this gives
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satisfy himself on this poinD in cases under his own obser-
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suflering from primary glaucoma, and although he himself
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the right organ, and thereby pet rid of the sinus in the loin. Not believing
tretinoin use in children
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a highly-trained subject, who isnow pursuing a career outside
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interesting cases are contributed by Dr. W. A. Brailey, and
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[Special Weekly Repobt to the British Medical Journal.]
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was recor^ded in Huddersfleld ; in the other towns "'^y 7"?!.^ '^J '°7h'
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Fis, on return from leave, is posted to Jouiipore District.
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5 PM.— Dr. Dundas Grant: Chronic Non-suppurat'.ve In-
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Surgeon- Lieutenant-Colonel P. C. Nicholson, M.B., Bengal Establish-
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begun too early, and, in severe cases, the tendo Achillis
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Three Cases of .Multiple Paralysis 0! Clanial Nerves, Dr. H. C. Bastlan
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David M. Hume future problems such as populations, technology, etc.
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At the annual meeting of the Dublin Branch which is to be
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sanction of the central authority. And, apart from abstract
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agree with all he states. Many years ago I visited Aachen in
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holm, 1886; Bihang I'itt k. Steneka Set. Akad, Sandlingar, Band ii. No. 2>
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asked the house-physician to watch the case carefully, and I paid a
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How true this is will be grasped, when I state that the London
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I have Ijeeu either a spectator or an assistant at the operations
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Glasgow they form 4 per cent, of the entire number ; in Edin-
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having been read and confirmed. Mr. Mark Style, of Moreton-
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Medical Journal. No3. 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 21, 'i2, 3.5, 50, and since May, 1889.
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British Medical Jouunal of November litth. lSit2, as to overcrowdinic
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his duty it he answered in a public newspaper questions re-
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remains empty, and (2) the pressure in the pulmonary artery
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