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Primary and final branches was awarded to Wm. A. Ferguson,

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ogy. Assistant Attending Anesthesiologist, Memorial

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of blood cholesterol levels in all adults, evaluation for the

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pectoral, sudorific, flax seed, one of our purest demulcents.

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observations made through a duodenal fistula it has been found that,

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lation. A similar group of symptoms has also been frequently observed

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affinity for the elements of the blood requisite for its nourishment and func-

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service was established. Stagecoaches, drawn by four horses or more, had their

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provide a level of deep narcosis, such, for example, as is called for in

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be doubled, the energy of the projectile would be quadrupled. A

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a case of liver hydatid which was tapped and followed by dis-

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or Russia, as the climate is steadily hot, and the myrrh

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acute or sub-acute pancreatitis, or it may result from

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sedative action on the spinal centres ; while in an anaemic state of the system

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grain, pick out those that are imperfect, wash it, parch as much

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rosis of the external oblique muscle, aided perhaps by the

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the patient, I closed the abdomen. The haemorrhage continued,

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coccus pyogenes. The patient was in Dr. Tiffany's clinic at the University

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Charles Downer Scholarship Fund (1927). Bequest of Charles