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canals ; and that when it penetrates into the placenta, and

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possibility of intra-uterine amputation because no scar could be seen on the

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of the diets of various classes of working men, the actual being com-

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or, 3. Full step, 4. MARCH, 5. Guide right (or left).

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tagiosa will yield readily and completely to it. As long as there re-

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and absence of inflammatory symptoms as aseptic operative wounds.

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Substitute for S. B. No. 54, chapter 316-1915, concerning the

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within five days ; eclampsia as a rule within forty-eight hours. The

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fects of this rheumatic poison is first, its irritation of the muscle

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I attended a similar case along with my honourable friend Dr.

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great uncertainty ; for it is not easy to say whether

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exerted by the hand upon the kidney and directed towards the

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thrown back upon the neck at each attempt to swallow. If an

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got rid of. But I know of no medicine that has the power of

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the Rectum. 11. Internal Pudic. 12. Inferior Haem^r-

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the year 190-1 the average population of the first of these in-

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of the world. Much is made in this country to sell, and a good

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closely allied micro-organisms. It appears to be more common in asylums

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) the symptomatic patient is indication for revascularization.

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sures a satisfactory result ; in the treatment of mv pa-

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The table gives an idea of the nature of the results obtained in

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stance will this ambulance be used for any other pur-

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specific properties of cells and fluids in health and in disease of the broadest

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States. One thing in the Massachusetts General Hospital sur-

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pervise the laboratory work during the coming year.

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toration ; these symptoms being always aggravated by exposure to

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foregoing principles; the individual or agency who refuses to recognize

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Ventre River, up Bacon Creek and over the divide separat-

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