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sleep, which if yielded to is soon followed by death.

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HYDATID CYSTS OF THE LUNG. By Feancis Lavillat, M.D 47

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we found foreign bodies. In one case, for example a metal probe

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1 . Operation should not be considered until contraction of the

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The injections are usually made in a vertical line on either side

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^' a special effort has been made to stop the practice of several

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the left. The diagnosis was pleurisy with effusion,

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to refer to each cause of peritonitis and its special treatment.

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appearance. Every outward circumstance and condition

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acetanilid 2^ grains,, camphor monobromated ^ grain, caffem citrate

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fail in this respect, although it is a difficult task to esti-

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Kendricks before the British Association. Glasgow. The sounds

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and art, his conversation seasoned with anecdote and

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human race is degenerating. Tubercular affections, the special

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tube decompression, signs of proximal bowel obstruction, as

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peculiar processes with those of simple inflammation. Thus we

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of the revival was to strengthen the position of Galen.

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that exposure has much to do with bringing on an attack. In the polar

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mucous membrane, and in the stomach and intestines a deep

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ten days, followed by active mobilization. For transporta-

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This reputation I believe is undeserved ; I believe opium rightly

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means for fixing the amount of tube shift for a particular

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Was the talipes varus due to the impression on the mother's

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that one of the secrets of my success lies in the fact, that I spare

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of red and blue. Most likely a " hysterical " field could have been

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with a fatal termination, — be guarded in our prog-

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was seen to be in the jejunum, was apparently a re-

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Part used. — The bark of the root, collected in late autumn. After thorough

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oculists and aurists, came from St. Paul, and thereafter Dr. Sime returned at in-

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