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ribs. The liver was not palpable when he came, but I may say


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the profession, that have a tendency to degrade it and

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obligatory requirements remain, as heretofore, in common with the

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accompanied by colic and diarrhoea. Guiteras in his paper already

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part at the seat of inflammation is generally more sensitive than dse-

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All letters, whether intended for publication or not, must contain the

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For several months past, our city, and so far as we can learn

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and we are too noble in our nature not to recognize and value the in-

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supported by a leathern strap passing round the front of her neck, above

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no injurious consequences as compared with its benefits, — ^namely, more

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deposition is extremely common, although sometimes the

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Symptoms. — Although actinomycosis is of greater interest

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increase is attributed to a local erysipelatous infection. The

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Committee is appointed by the General Council. It is the

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Etiology. — Suppurative cholangeitis results from virulent bacterial

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radicle exerted a noxious influence, a series of experi-

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patient at present. Horlick's Malted Milk has not been satisfactory

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justify operation, and not too far dead to render it useless. Cer-

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tenderness, and of griping pains. The abdominal pain is made worse

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litus, and only when dietary restriction alone has been unsuc-

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blood-counting cell. The drop in the cell should be free from

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and in suppositories, its effects were, on the whole,

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cational institutions. Still I feel that you will all

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tinued to improve and became reconciled to the surround-

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his mind, and to excite the most serious reflections. It appears

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of mental disorder. Dr. Johnson, who was a sufferer

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and it has been decidedly helpful in the severe types of

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size of a pea, tender on pressure, appeared in 1894 on the point of the

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joints, there appears to be no direct or indirect connection

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acute and came on slowly, which inclines me to the belief that it is

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asked what experience the President had had in the use of the chisel in

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