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is often noticed in persons suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. As

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course. These lectures continued each winter until Dr. Pen-

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and then becomes rusty-colored, often containing tubercle bacilli,

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endeavored to inculcate would not now (twenty-eight years later) require

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usually present, the stools showing a deficiency of bile. The urine is

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ness; 65.2 per cent after the sixth day — the average date of the ad-

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and set his patient right on so important a matter. Of course,

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the ordinary intermittents. When the latter are not properly treated,

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sufferings, which no one can realize who has not stood at the bedside

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Dr. Elmer Lee, an American physician who visited Russia, Hamburg,

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the ahove routine treatment, it may be safely taken from the above

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performed semester of work before returning home for the holidays. Santa

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Betel Nut, Pistachio Nut, Kola Nut, Guarana, Butternut, Wal-

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Ranke has investigated the effect of muscular action upon the total

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has been aptly termed irrigation, because the contact of the water

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the latter and the poles are secured. Blankets are now so placed that

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to rise, with the development of the serious general condition in a way

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Hydrotherapy does not, however, include the use of mineral waters

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There is another way to look at it. Those who take these

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tuberculosis. It is also involved secondarily in chronic tuberculosis of

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but have good flavor and pure aroma. The poor grades are

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T>\ He.\1!y R. Hahrowek. M.D., Los Angeles. C':il.

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help late with the disease well established. Should no trouble

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but the rationale of each procedure, and use a definite prescription for

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is for the future to determine. They may check the breaking

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plainly by touching a "cold point" with a heated needle. A mild

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force. After all, it and electricity may be one and the same.

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erate the circulation of the blood which has become stagnant. For

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threatening heart failure and delirium. This is a warm half-bath,

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