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from septic peritonitis and pyaemia. An autopsy revealed fallo-

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These give an attractive appeaiance to the work, and may

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months afterward, involving some glands lying above

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peritonieal tumour, or at least a tumour closely attached to the

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humors, which have various functions. The fluid in the

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career surgical inteiTention for the relief of biliary calculi was rare

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therapy left behind a small organic residue due to the primary

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reached its effective limits and something practical and imme-

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cal process, but represent circumscribed foci of inflammation —

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Comment: In a commentary. Dr. R. Belsey stated: “We

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profession, rapidly loses the viewpoint of those who are oc-

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either serous, muscular or the mucous, will produce vomiting, and it

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as aseptic as possible. A good method consists of dusting on a little

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the Peruvian bark, the Jesuit's poivder distributed gratuitously

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the quarantine of the infected premises, and in case such disease becomes epidemic

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Ringer's solution 3 parts, and 1.5 per cent agar 0.5 part was used.

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June 5th. The meeting was called to order at 10.45, the presi-

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No laborers or active persons should eat an atom later than sun-down, and then

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cuftomary monthly evacuations return, it often hap-

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have varied them in several respects, in order to appreciate the mech-

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of resisting external causes of disease deficient. When cold and damp,

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When, in January 1848, Peacock showed a specimen at the

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Aqua Hydrogenii Dioxidi (Solution of Hydrogen Dioxide.

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Vhtraat. It hu pleued Aliutghty God to rerniTB b* death ear late

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that the essential character of the morbid state is an

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ished quackery and mystery from the profession. It was difficult for

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had stated that in the lesion of aphasia the muscles of

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in the branches of Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics; and

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a sense of greater satisfaction. All this is possible, I say, in Mr. Koyes

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the most dangerous of the inmates of asylums. They are nearly always

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M ., Th., 9 : 00-1 1 : 00. 36 hours. .4M j . Dr. L. C. Gatewood.

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observations tended to confirm his suspicion. It looked as