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ceased to beat. Respiration still continued, but in a few

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ever, both investigations and treatment must be tailored to

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tionally the appetite is not increased, but, on the contrary', more or less

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is applied to any crop which is grown primarily to enrich the

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2. The Medical Task Force on Anencephaly. The infant with an-

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slight ; but as the disease was chronic, an operation was deemed necessary. In all

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44. Haskell RJ, Wong BM, Hansen JE: A double-blind, randomized clinical

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available at the local level. Indeed the cost of doing this kind

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— that we must turu for those side-lights which show us the

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Never smoke or use tobacco in any form while at work.

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Iodide of potash {d-grain tablets) . — Useful in syphilis. Dose : 1

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regions, exhibited great varicosity, the dilatation

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Regional Diagnosis for Primary and Emergency Physicians.

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and examined 25 : x ; no trypanosomes seen in proboscis, body-cavity,

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Englcr's Geitnan Edition of Payen's Precis de Chimie Jndustrielle. Edited

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hind as far as sacrum, and in front to the umbilical region. No

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that the clothes which had been examined were not worn by him when

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flora, experiments having duplicated this behavior in

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unaltered, except from bad to worse, the doctor's task

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There is neither stridor nor dyspnoea; ability to cough is not affected,

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etc., may cause peritonitis. In all these cases the inflammation usu-

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house where a young girl had been laid out as a corpse. He offered his

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when the distension has been got rid off. Enteroplasty or longi-

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tant. Extremely sensitive skins require protection from the sun's rays by

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and rough ; seemed to have much pain on making pressure on the epi-

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tha had vanished and the mouth put on a clean, red appearance.