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therefore, take advantage of this law, and of the fact
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complete suppression, of the secretion of urine, that occurred
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and other infections with the ratio of the heart sounds be-
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increased to til'teen minims, observing the usual precaution:-, in
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18. — Intermittent sand filter bed. Photograph of a model in the American
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About November 1st, 1889, I was called to see Laura Harris
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Oenito-urinary syatem seemed quite healthy. The urine
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afflicted. Recently, at the suggestion of one of the editors of this
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sented by the fact that two tablets of paralysol of 15 grs. each
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that last described. Drs. Egar and Choat had found more intermittent
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cance of the faucial inflammation and cervical and submaxillary glandular
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the subsequent dogmas of Free WiU and Predestination ; the doctrine of Chance,
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practice. First, as often as the patient's bandages were changed the
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atrophy of the hand muscles, sensation is much affected, sensibility to
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lowed by inflammation, and the development of false
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results were most surprising and striking, especially as all of the
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that furnished food for such an abundant secretion. I remem-
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some cases a perforation will be found in the diaphragm, and this is
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to prove that this condition was entirely due to dis-
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content. It would doubtlessly be possible to determine with a fair
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^ Smith, T., 3rd Ann. Rep. Bureau Animal Industry, U. S. Dept. Agric., 1886,
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made of pipe clay and alum, every day, but by no means introduce
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little cost of time or trouble to himself. Transyl-
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diuretic (sweet spirits of niter) is not admissible, for the simple
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" stitches" in the chest, bryonia should be given in the same way as
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Jf*. kjOLiLULH/Oy . test. Allowed to lie loosely in the mouth the contents escape in
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the Earl of Derby, who said that though he saw that no element was want-
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In the United States today, there is a broad spectrum of
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swallowed only slowly and with diflSculty, and solid food
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In this book four-fifths of the space is devoted to
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intellectual work. A game of billiards will refresh a tired mind
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Blum^ and Roos^ had also early pointed out that thyroid proteins
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nounced in the public press that a competitive exami-