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before long, steps will be taken to introduce the compul-

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portant resolution, after much debate, only passes by a majority of

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good appetite, but his bowels became constipated and he

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present the prognosis is somewhat worse than if they

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The sinuses of Valsalva were all dilated, the anterior and the left

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this a very simple one. Others suffer from constipation,

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covery of worms in the blood of persons suffering from chyluria ; and after

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which the nerve-fibres are separated, or bruised, or torn ; and the

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America, once in Italy, and each time in a child. Only once was the

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It was also deemed advisable to exhibit two grains of

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Par. 19, 5. O. sSb, A. G.O., Washington, December 8. 1S88.

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the ribs in front so as to form the thorax is the breast bone or sternum.

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proportion to the temperature, while the number of leukocytes tends to be

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In such cases some local condition of the intestines leads to the putre-

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three weeks' preparation, in an alleged haemophilic boy ;

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causes eye-strain and headache, which can be relieved

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This program will focus upon the management of behavioral

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Suitable nutrient support, with a moderate amount of stimulants,

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B. Hugh Burdette, d.m.d., Clinical Instructor in Oral Diagnosis.

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about one-fourth to one-third of an ounce is given every hour.

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tic action of Lobelia inflata is not generally understood. I think

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GCterbook, Dr. Paul, Berlin, per Messrs. Lessor & Co., 2 South

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edies, by giving gin in the form of milk punches. For a few days

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The second theory to be considered is its origin and progress

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Macdonald, Dr. A., on atropia-poisoning and delirium tremens 02

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Immediately after the incision I employ one, not merely with the

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tooth, and the injection should penetrate as deeply as

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perfect; patient's vision good. Since that time, the pupil having contracted in

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By aid of heat carbol can, apparently, be made to combine with albu-

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if the test-tubes be heated directly over a spirit lamp it is difficult to avoid

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The articular surfaces on the left side are telescoped

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be employed. The author reports one failure only in fifteen cases.

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of medical officers to constitute the board is not available at the

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Under the direction of Dr. Andrew Balfour, the Director of

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pulling the limbs forward into the passage, push back the