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corpuscles present a more or less typical biconcave disk shape. At the

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posure which could not be visible instantaneously. It should

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to lose weight slowly as a rule, but sometimes quite rapidly. Whenever a patient

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(c) " Founding my opinion on extensire experience, and the most careful

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direct contact effect. The fact that no results were obtained when

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Matthew J., aged fifty-three, was admitted to the Royal

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obstruction which oppresses the operation of the lungs ; as, for instance^

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verifying the existence of the imbecility, but with a

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nutrition of the limb is not manifestly impaired, are to be proved by

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lungs, the chest was perfectly dull, and no respiration audible ;

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at the periphery of the vascular circulation, it is most sensitive to impressions. But,

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bovine origin giving the same final hydrogen ion concentration

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While the Flying Physicians .\ssociation is primarily

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the justice of his sentence, and professes himself penitent

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and upon it the round of physiologic changes known as

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six to forty ounces. But it is not quite clear whether the presence of

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State. About three per cent, of the papers manufac-

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enthusiastic, as he strides along, gazing with curious and occasion-

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medullary cancers sometimes grow from the lower margin of the gland.

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suggestion was a good one, that in some cases an anaes-

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acknowledging that this is our last will and testament, have made these bequests

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tern institution, escapes much of this trial, so perilous, not to

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■during adolescence, show arrested development taken the boarding-out phase of this work. The

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College placed upon a broader and fairer basis. Various com-

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local symptoms frequently disappear when paralysis sets in.

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with this method covered twenty-five cases. In this

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characteristic odor of illuminating gas in such cases is usu-

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considerable amount remaining, which, with the solid

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Case XIII. — January 2, 1913. Duodenal ulcer. M. S., female,

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A LETTER from Dr. O'Connell in the Boston Medical Journal for

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lesions found in diabetes insipidus. According to Stoermer, traumatism to

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just spoken. This nurse had been performing the ex-

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