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motor testing. The disadvantages of EOG include the in-
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varies ; secondly, the amount of the infection which,
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and weak, the heart bounding, followed by unconsciousness and
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gravity is increased during the attack, but in cases showing polyuria it is
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cause within a short interval from the commencement of the disease,
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ear has developed a strong tendency to disturbance of
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their heat balance by expanding or compressing their fur.
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suffering after the third dose of Belladonna, proceed with uelsetni-
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Oberkiefers. N. Yorker med. Monatschr., 1899, xi, 346.—
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through wliich tliey could be plainly seen. The child was
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an independent disease or special diathesis in which marked dyspepsia and
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pear suddenly, as illustrated in the classic case of
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and more towards the sun, until the summer solstice — about' June 22
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orders of the su^eon-in-chief; those in hospitals receive their
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cord, were very remarkable ; the animal rolled, turned, leaped, shivered, and in fact,
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bittersweet agonies of caring for the wounded. At the close of the
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Mean direction of wind, S.E. & S.W. — Rain in inches, 0.19.
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power, of seeking the best men irrespective pensation of the worthy and the un-
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juices, and after the temperature has declined soft diet may be allowed. J.
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pain on her left side. The abdomen was therefore opened and the
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take the water the potatoes are boiled in and wash the cattle (on
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tention to the fact that in your enumeration of the
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fact that such lesions often involve the visual fibers situated more deeply and connecting the central
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hygienic, dietetic, remedial, and mechanical agents, is suf-
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in a former paper, describes more fully this pathology ; picturing its
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that, through their career, they will never possess that
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desired, and there is no necrotic process upon which one has to rely
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hours later, I gave the patient a second injection of 2.6 mg. (h gr- )
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repeated and showed a dramatic improvement in oxygenation
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(tumors to cardiac conduction defects), for which medical care was appropriate and no preventive measures were
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delicate management. It is well known, that indulgence of the
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If blood is drawn off during life and kept aseptic it only retains its viru-
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price of success in keeping the schools well graded and clas-
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others, unable to decide this question, thought the process was on the border-
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should catch it with a blunt hook, to prevent it being
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mass in the right iliac fossa. Temperature, 100.4^;
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the limits of contact, distinguishes objects the most minute ; and in all he
trazodone fda information
were placed on the slice of liver and carefully arranged side-
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lungs Bezold found that the acid had no effect upon the discharge.
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tick vector. The lengthy feeding period (several days) is an
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walk freely about. It was found, in three experiments made
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. meeting of the Board of Coroners, held March 2d, Dr.
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to the exclusive systems of treatment, into which some men were for-
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from dementia precox and that it would be necessary for
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pathy or materia] benefit. I once attended a case of