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Davison, Charles, A.M., M.D., Professor of Surgery and Head of Department
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For the last twelve years has been unable to secure
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*The Committee originally included Professor A. P. Knight, Department
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withstanding the fact that free intercourse with the patients was permitted
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Chapter 9 — Criticisms of the Theory of Natural Selection.
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which we saw in the war zone and which incapacitated for a variable
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across it between the inspired air and that in the alveoli. It is impossible
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creased, became dull, boring, and contiLUous. Alter
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reports based on unusual clinical experiences; review articles;
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the disturbance of its mechanism could not withstand
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cardiography did not demonstrate a mural thrombus or
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the disappearance of tuberculosis from the United States
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the active ferment after the gland has been exposed to the air for some
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hours afterwards by the starch enema, with tincture of opium. The
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DIANA L. McANINCH, Managing Editor JANICE ANDERSEN, Senior Copy Editor JACQUELINE BRAZIEAL, Classified Advertising
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canals ; and that when it penetrates into the placenta, and
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meatus in its entire extent will be swollen, sometimes the whole external ear
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serves a quiet and peaceful countenance, may be easily aroused
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School receives nearly half a million dollars, the in-
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salutisj or an unimprovable course of treatment. Not
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are to each other as two opposed mirrors, the images of one being re-
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*Andrew F. Currier, B A. 1878, 138 Madison avenue, N. Y. City.
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Mitrial Valves (Rheumatic Disease) and Separation of the Spleen. Dr. An-
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whkh increase from day to day, and the final results of
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some time, the yield of glycogen will greatly diminish, and in its place
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This brings us to the fourth and last of the metamorphic
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absence of antennae and the possession of four pairs of legs) the
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nal distention. Shortly after his admission, the pa-
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tion of the fungus in the discharges. When the skin is involved, the
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and nose, and also a scalp wound over the left parietal region — which, however,