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Chronic Influenza. It is not surprising that the acute attack should occa-

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bromine, calomel, and the group of saline diuretics. The action of caffeine

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Diseases ; it will be sent gratis to any physician applying.

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posterior mediastinal and bronchial glands, were also affected, and there

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septicsemic nature of the case, are profuse diarrhoea, restlessness, de-

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Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario," where, until the last

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sassafras, iodine, and stimulants. Nux vomica and strichnine

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is stored up by the muscles during sleep to supply the working

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Adam greeted me with a very sad countenance, till I asked him

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had appendicitis of a constantly increasing acuteness and

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mater et filius perituri sint, ea e contra admissa,

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more usual forms, he called to mind that *' all the convulsive diseases may cul-

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within five days ; eclampsia as a rule within forty-eight hours. The

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Under the direction of Dr. Andrew Balfour, the Director of

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