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in a mortar. Moisten with the broth, add vinegar and salt to
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copic examinations, that we think it worth while to present them here
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in the meninges, brain, serous membranes (petechial hemorrhages),
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coarse, that this return of its vital property should come from any
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Fundus, photographic enlargement for illustrating details of, 237
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sent by the Association by Mr. Austin arrived, and in
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Hospital, Denville, and Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee,
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few days rest the swelling subsided, and then she asked as to whether any-
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been a patient of mine; all the remedies he has used have been unavailing.
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the ganglion the degenerative changes in the nerve cells were
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paraldehyde divided into three doses and given in one night failed to
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of Clinical Surgery at Turin, in his pamphlet, entitled Sifilide trasmessa per
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quite possible that there may be multiple etiologic
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the God of the seasons, the blessing of partial health was dealt out to him
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Dr, Bach: The use of antiseptics, as I have stated, if
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kidneys were not very marked. A writer, quoted by BoufFe de St.
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Ancker Hospital in 1930, with hemoptysis, and diagno-
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proportion of those who are teaching and practicing in hospitals,
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si ill \ery dangerous) variety sets in. When recovery is -oiii^ to
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and well his professional work, he proved his endurance and
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optic neuritis, tache c^rebrale, retracted abdomen, and irregular pulse.
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and promote repair. It may be that the inhibitory or
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one or two instances in the first half of the nineteenth century, it was
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quently done b\ the copious administration of spirituous liquors ;
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Yale College in 1826. He received his medical degree
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occasionally considerable, especially to the right of the sternum ;