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achieve this end was presented to the clinical surgeon.

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flat-foot. All the trouble they have is local and needs local treatment,

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those anatomical peculiarities, magnified sixty diameters, which

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during the epidemic of 1892, will occupy the remaining time allotted

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The bleeding seldom takes place simultaneously from both nos-

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Messrs. Antoniella and Boksavelli have shown by numerous expe-

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as the attacks are repeated, and may even become com-

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The patient, an 18-year-old woman, was referred for the

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the external meatus. The antrum was filled with pus and granu-

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The warm weather of the spring and autumn at the North, and

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in those of general hospitals, where methodical habits, the power

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payers participating in the DRG reimbursement program. It

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he has learned from experience is apt to excite the return of his

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with carbohydrate and about 0.7 with protein. If the quotient is

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daily papers in the United States as to render any ex-

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used above is meant to imply a retrogressive change in the myelin

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Morphine sulphate, 8.91 mgms., i. e., 0.11 mgm. per gm. rat. Survived.

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the question of how long a patient may stay in a hot bath with-

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or that variety, has led to their proper nosological order. Much con-

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eyelids and the conjunctiva always swell and inflame more, the discharge is

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CANTON, E.^On the Arcus Senilis, or Fatty Degeneration of the Cornea. 8vo. London. Gold, $3.78.

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brane refuses to secrete, and here the irritation produced in the lower

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and lesions of meningitis with death were produced ; that the

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