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of iodine, carbolic acid, etc In cases of this kind the

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The causes are similar to those of phrenitis. The dis-

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inch in diameter, lay in the midst of gangrenous and

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practically the subject would not be so interesting except for the in-

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Commercial Potassium Iodide, Sulphate of Quinine, and Chloro-

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tigations on tobacco ; pathology, and diseases caused

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the words of the Eastern sage, " Truth alone is the mightiest of all

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the costal cartilages and anterior extremities of the

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many of us who could foresee a time, after the clouds of war had

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thirty after five years, 60 per cent, were well, whilst two survived

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which certainly removed an aggravating if not a primary cause.

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Exposed to a temperature of 55°C., both the ferment and the

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ing humor from the system — much more so than the out-

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in Abernethy's Surgical Works. — Zeitschrift fur Physiologic, 4ter

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the scientific pharmacies have given to the world a

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complete the dual-degree program in five years. The fifth year is counted as one year of

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investigating deaths by violence is to grow in esteem

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Bright appends some general remarks to his report of these

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Wheatland, September 8, 1892; Fairbanks, July 13, 1894 (No.

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In a recent U. S. P. H. and M. H. report, Dr. J. O. Cobb,

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the rules of investigation, so as to draw fair inferences from facts,

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Association, hereby certify that we have examined the above

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to any theory of the cause of his troubles which the

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its meaning, the fluidity being nothing more than a

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hypnotic, and acts upon the central nervous system, reducing its activity,

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as to graduate nurses who desire to enter our fields, and to those who

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juice, and other very alterable organic substances.

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patient to cleanse carefully the anal region after each movement.

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have clean water to drink at all times, and once a week

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firmly. When removed altogether, the crushed portion of bone

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It is notoriously difficult to change conditions under which men

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in conduction, which is also co-incident with an increase of the cardiac

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and plasticity lessened, is the most difficult of all kinds of bleeding

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feel a greater motion of the foetus in that fide towards

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the outpouring of the milk from the mammary glands, although not so

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yond a doubt the existence of such a power in the body, and to name

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heard his friend, Mr. Durham, speak of lumbar colotomy

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in the neighborhood of the heart, is brusque and sudden, like the ac-

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of Doctor of Medicine. On motion of the Secretary, this resolution

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The agreement between the two independent methods of direct and

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graver forms of scarlatinal nephritis begin, may develop into

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drical steel magnet into the hollow cylinder over which the copper

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educated persons well accustomed to write, and that the incitations

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discussions on vexed questions of pathology, and gives at a

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