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Dr. W. W. Yard, secretary of the State Examining Board,
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Should the quantity of bile pigment be very small, it is advisable
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patibility. By Reginald R. Bennett, B.Sc.Lond., P. I.e. Third edition. Pp. xxii
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ferent animals according to the circumstances in which the function is to
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The fact that so many of the early physicians were of the
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the thoracic cavity from the abdominal. It is situated posterior
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students; they are allowed all the privileges of the members of the Graduate
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returns to the circulation by two sets of capillary vessels :
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In 268 cases, Netter found that 215 were under thirty years of age; among
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terification of the acid in dry methyl alcohol saturated with hydro-
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pain whilst the child's head was in the vagina, the attending midwife
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or the the eagle exploring the aqueous fields of the alligator?
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one of our most illustrious veterans of science, M. Serres,
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action was irregular in force and rhythm, with a slight systolic
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It is manifest that rheumatic myopathia may, as the author points out, be com-
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subsequent complications, such as endocarditis, nephritis, joint mani-
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median than with the lateral route. Dry taps are less common in
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splanchnic vessels and the consequent inadequate filling of the heart in
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into leaf May 1 and into bloom May 7. The season's growth
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its attachments. While my hand was in the uterus I could feel
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Puncture excludes fluid in cases of doubt. Shattuck denies