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may be more or less consolidated ; the interlobular septa are thickened
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I will now consider the difficult question of ligature of the artery
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Matters relating to advertising space, etc., to be addressed to the Publisher, William M.
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the personal friend of Legh Richmond, so known and revered by the " bishops
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was quick and small, and the cheeks covered with a hectic flush ;
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repeated, and only in four was there any apparent de-
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much to devote to the subject. It requires also per-
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known fact that the Mexicans use immense quantities of red
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struation of infants we see recorded, may have been simply
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the sixth, and in a day or two longer, the patient may get up.
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white blood-cells, which have escaped from the vessels in the
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there passes a glass tube, which descends nearly to the
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the kidney, and may decide upon the existence of fluctuation
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because it will be deformed, unsightly and an actual hindrance. Usually the tissues
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convalescence desquamation takes place in fine branny scales (furfur-
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In a communication to the Bulletin Saniiaire. Dr. E. P. Benoit,
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Dr. Pilcher recommends this method of ligature for wounds of
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some time before he can resume the labour that will
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cured at the present moment, when pathology is zealously culti-
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tau), the frog and Amblystoma, the turtle, the chick, and the pig.
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the water and causing epidemic disease. On the strength of
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Twelve drachms of apjimonial wine and two drachms of
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of it being more costly, or slower to reproduce itself, it
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injection, or subcutaneous injection, until you have
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blended with a little lime water and milk, or if it appears to agree
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Diligent practice alone can overcome the difficulties in the pronuncia-
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trated. We make one quotation: " Failing in all my attempts to ex-
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