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plete control of both husband and wife throughout the entire relation,

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family in which the hereditary taint of scrofula exists, the women

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such persons is linked with our own, and their miseries fall like icy dew

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The odor was almost unbearable. The man was quivering with pain,

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things compared with others— digestibility which varies immensely in different

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In 173 cases occurring in the same epidemic, and treated

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tion. Therefore, 750 cc. of the urine were evaporated

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To attain the best results the question of administration

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establishment of extensive pauper lunatic asylums in Euro))e, as

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He, however, who would inculcate correct and rational views of the

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ter must be drawn from the amount of flesh involved, and the possi-

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ing to evacuate the bowels, had broken these adhesions

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1977, Boston University; M.D. 1977, Boston University

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did not correspond to any nervous disease that I was familiar

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nabber, to tie both together after which by its elasticity it

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fistula ; end-to-end approximation by Murphy button ;

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at the rate of i kilometer per hour; the evacuation trench

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Shock, 288; Nervous Shock, 289; Surgical Shock, 289; Experimental In-

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operated upon. Within three days the hemorrhage stopped and he has

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must be occasionally cut or rasped down to prevent injury

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does not seek treatment until the disease is far ad-

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Dr. Thorne Thorne also called the attention of the Commissioners to a

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been so widened that it is difficult to say from the litera-

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was in part taken by the really magnificent '* Cours d'Hippiatrique "

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Even if the opportunity had presented itself no attempt to kill

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