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Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia, from German

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139, Helianthus rigidus. Sunflower, 18, 3, n. o. Corymbifere*.

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being the first surgeon-general, as the office was created

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Club, the City-County Safety Council and the Lourdes

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do I know all the circumstances of this case (plating of a tibia) as I left the

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ducing dislocations. But how has it been acted upon? Has it ever

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following remarks from J. S. Bosworth, president of the Board, in his report : —

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other the rigidity of the spine Avas confined to the dor-

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has furnished us remarkable results, often superior to those of anti-

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frequently, secondary to laparotomy for other purposes, that he

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history of injury. Ashton and Landis found 7 cases in 991 in which trauma

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calling (415) 882-5140. Subscribers may request to have their name

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proper function of the protection of the public health, and leave

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which developed into typical scarlet fever when taken to a French

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