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disorder which occurred when the doors of the Exami-

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sician does not make a diagnosis of appendicitis until after

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subjects, and should so declare and confess, then his

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September 29th a second injection was given, the temperature still rising.

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promote mental quietude — a lack of anxiety and excita-

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LDSH: LDS Hospital, 8th Ave and “C" St, Salt Lake City 84143. (801) 32 1 -

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dorsal and ventral lateralis X roots. The ascending fibers reach

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of the ventricle, and corresponds to the systole of the auricle : the

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gland with hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia have been observed in a few patients on |

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Young men obtained facility of mind action by physical culture. As

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disposition could not be determined in all the fifteen cases. In

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of 302° F. The salts are not dissipated by this method,

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In stitching the sclerotic, I sometimes pass the needle through

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the hip and back. Pain in the knees is an extremely common initial

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specially worth the attention of any who are working through an institu-

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business has been pretty well provided for and the necessary changes

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The most essential peculiarity of these instruments is their

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excito-motory character, restricted to the muscular apparatus

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of the operation the liver was found to be a fine specimen

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left to nature alone are represented by four stages — (i) the

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juice unchanged, while in the intestines it is decomposed into phenol

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Cross Societies in April, 1919, at Cannes, there has been

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uterus in your hand. No rough pressure is admissible, nor

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some cases I shall refer to, but on the other hand it is important

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pantheism in their sacred books, the second and third

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and hence had a feeble constitution. He, however, passed

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Production of Ozone. — The great source of ozone is found

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by Dr. Starling Loving, of Columbus, Ohio, was read

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exactly analogous to that of the convulsed teething child, or