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has reported "A Case of Recurrent Cancer of the Breast Treated
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Bouillaud* collected four cases. Cruveilhierf pictures a heart with this
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tics. Tetanus and chorea have both been treated with
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from 4 to 7 times per week as long as it can be forced into the
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ing and weighing the nitrogen which is evolved, and
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mother are much lessened. For these reasons I advocate forceps
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els somewhat constipated, and stools alcoholic. Respiration accel-
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scarcely eating enough to sustain life. I have two patients
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he would hold his own, or perhaps gain an ounce a day, But it may
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Geophilus carpophagus Leach, G. electricus Linnasus, G. cephalicus Wood, G.
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The capacity to grow is not lost by prolonged stunting on
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ism a special study and treated hundreds of cases. It is
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advanced, of which I shall allude to only the first and last. Laennec
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thod, that I feel as if I were a physician. Perhaps I should have
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disease. Its prevalence among the destitute of large cities in
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able occurrences in the administration of Providence, for which it would
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e.g., up to 1074, as in Bouchardat's and Front's cases; occasionally
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•own pigment. In the cicatrices of lacerated and contused wounds, the form
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Kerkring, Theodorus, Dutch anatomist, 1040-1693. —
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be the cause of most acute mental distress. And the hypertrichosis
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we cannot do unless we decrease degeneracy, physically, mentally, and
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found very prominent, and numerous veins were noticed
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You are guilty in every instance, and if no evil conse-
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Fischl, M.D., University of Miami School of Medicine; Walter T.
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of appetite, slight cardialgia and constipation were
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glow in the dielectric, which in this case i3 the air, between the elec-
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it. For this reason, C. officinalis, although giving a much
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county society wishes to include members elected on or
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and better than the bottle he had devised and shown to
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1885 RoBSOK, A. W. Mayo, 8, Park Crescent, W., and 7, Park Square, Leeds.
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