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patients with lymphoma, carcinomatosis, or AIDS, mount

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Donations for the year amount to : Bound volumes, 1,087. Unbound,

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site." Mannaberg^ writes: 'Tn fresh preparations appearances are sometimes

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Army Veterinary Service has just been promulgated to the

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should be vaporized. It is germicidal in from 6 to 24 hours.

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, Rutherford. Bipp treatment of war wounds. 1918. (Oxford

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employed in low forms of disease, as typhus, scarlatina maligna,

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such, that a desire is expressed to have the tinnitus removed,

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through the medulla oblongata. Other considerations lead them to the same

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circumstances the patient was dismissed, the nostril having healed

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down which are of universal application, each case being influ-

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a disease which may be easily and permanently disposed of.

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up the lip. First, theu, take two quarts of new milk with

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out harm or danger. Hence, there is no form of mere neuralgia, which is not

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the coloured corpuscles and in the albumin of the blood. Periostitis and

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placed in the ice-box for about sixteen hours, after which the readings

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Indeed, most breeds of horses have a prevailing color, to which

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and diminished bitterness of the quinine salt. CASOKATI.

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downward on tlie bed, tlius preventing the evaporation of the chloroform,

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Water precipitates this, so if you want to combine it in the prescription

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ered with tradition, is no reason why we should renounce our

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instruction in contagious diseases, and agreed with them

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I will now consider the difficult question of ligature of the artery

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ever, persist after the exciting cause has been removed ; thus a con-

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