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rent. It was speedily found that he could walk and do it well.

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tain period of their progress, we are too apt to consider as hope-

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end— cleanliness. We should ever be on the alert for any possible danger-

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Of all the causes of intestinal obstruction, perhaps the most

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I nske the rule absolute in either case. That is, aa to alkalinity of urine

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til II >.itron was forty-one inches, and both oblique

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in the causation of enuresis. — Internat. Centraibl. fitr Laryngol,

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mentioned a case, however, in which he thought the exploratory introduc-

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placed a compress over the dorsum of the scapula, beneath the spine, which

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the strong muscles of the back are most affected, they bend the

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to it then, that for this sacrifice, when our boys have returned, that they

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3. Chelton HG, Burchell HB; Unusual RST segment deviations in

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only, the danger is no lesb, provided it flows by the veins of

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after many trials and failures it was found that from

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Waterloo, wrote, ' I have never been fortunate enough to cure a

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tracted the disease. On the 17th and 18th of October, four

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A careful record is to be kept of all work and the results disbursed at

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If these words come before one who is conscious of having made a

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jections, however, are suggested as applicable to the instruments of Mr. Mey-

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States. One thing in the Massachusetts General Hospital sur-

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age 63.2; polynuclears 26-42, average 32.7; eosinophiles 0.5-10,


prize acre of potatoes in the northern part of this state,

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tive before death; optochin stopped 30 hours before death

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This adherent maternal layer is liable to give rise to

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Paul remarks that " end-to-end is preferable to lateral

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sensations, but no flow appeared. There were, after

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ficiency, and the latter their lowest types. The general prac-

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country, as to the relationship that exists between syphilis and

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and Marshall Hall methods, and the plan " suggested *' by