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Charles Wood FASSETT, Secretary, corner Sixth and Charles streets, St. Josepb,

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zuclopenthixol depot side effects

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tomische Studien iiber skandinavische Cestoden. 2.) [Read 9. Dec. 1891]

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Dr. Gaines moved that the request of Dr. Gilmore be

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best is that which obtains its freest removal with the least injury to the parts

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Comments. — This woman, while recovering from a debauch, was sud-

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into her habits of life, and found that she was habitually intemperate.

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zuclopenthixol decanoate depot side effects

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capacity for absorbing water. Thus the base of the one former offi-

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way of medication of the attic. The hearing was nil in the affected ear.

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cut edges may be sutured together ; and when the operation is satisfac-

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Rundles, PJ. Edelson.J.L. Finlay, F. Gilbert, J. P.

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In the typical amputation, employ a palmar flap. Begin on the

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mocephalic, with an open anterior fontanel measuring 2 x 1.5