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being a very full and complete abstract, methodically arranged, of the
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tion; and large quantities of stimulants are called for if jyycemia,
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A critical study of diabetes mellitus and phlorizin diabetes has led
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bodies for the nature of the disease. The quene kept her bed
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of foreign physicians, they attached great importance to the examination
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Tired nerve cells of brain and cord, irritated by imperfect blood-supply, no
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districts. As high as eighteen to twenty per cent, of
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Table 2 records the events of a severe diabetes in a boy aged 12 ; only
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cells 12,800, hemoglobin 30%. Seven days later, a few hours
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renden Exophtiialmus. Prag. mod. Wclmsehr.. ],s94, xix,
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the text-books give a long list of " reflex symptoms " of adenoids
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inent on the external as on the cut surface of the organ. Sometimes the cortex
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a meta-analysis of olanzapine for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
course not," responded the doctor. "Then, my dear doctor,"
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sists, as has been shown by Dr. Wickham Legge, ' in an imperfect development
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thing, it would seem, that belongs to the suitable punishment of un-
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which was also tubercular. This was removed and no sign of any
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when a bed-bug is fed on a patient suffering from kala-azar :
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France : Paris, March 2-9, 7 deaths ; Roubaix, Jan. 1-81. I
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The filaments are of such uniform structure throughout that no trace
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There were instances in which the teacher, while closely
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Ashcraft, J. E., Monroe, Univ. of N. Y., 1887 1887 1890
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the phrase, “both legislatively and in its own program,”
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The origin of the hospital is remote and far from sim-
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day, and was really forced to shorten his stay abroad and
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already pointed out, the excess of uric acid in the blood in gout may
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valve, of new fibrous tissue of firm consistence, and with a marked ten-
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influence of nervous centers in the medulla. He therefore con-
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with the butter and well whisked eggs ; beat thoroughly, and
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In 1870 Dr Wilks brought under the notice of the Clinical Society certain
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having been greatly increased and vicarious action from the
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Dr. Brown Kelly : I think my statistics support those of Dr. Logan
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form ; in the former both sides usually suffer : sometimes the legs only
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Europeans. In the acnte dysentery of natives, small
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ter is formed near the vertebras, and the patient g^enerally
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used the eyes the longer the serious catastrophe would be delayed.
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it is our object to distinguish them. Those tumors which simulate
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breaking down ; B, area of epithelioid cells ; C, C, giant cells ; D, D, remains of